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In Sant Pere de Clarà we are already immersed in a 2022 full of weddings.

From our farmhouse for weddings and celebrations we will see what are the styles that customers demand the most and that the Wedding Planners offer the most. If we compare our experience with what digital platforms like point out we can get a pretty clear idea of ​​the new trends… and we are very happy! Because many of the things we see fit with the proposals that our team has been working and offering for some time.

More personalized and less formal weddings.

The pandemic has shown us that the most important thing is to enjoy the special moments surrounded by the people we love to celebrate things with naturalness, comfort and hospitality, live the moment and make it memorable. Luxury is in the warmth, in the familiarity, in the personal details, in the human dimension of things. So weddings are trying to be less formal, more personalized and more inclusive, to become a party where everyone is comfortable and involved. Following this trend, couples are committed to surprising guests with details, decorations and creative ideas full of meaning and seeking the complicity of attendees.

Destination weddings

Increasingly, weddings can be held outside of the nearest geographical area. In Sant Pere de Clarà we have witnessed how the demand for “wedding destinations” has grown, hosting weddings with guests from all over the world and with couples who come from abroad to look for a charming destination, such as the one offered by our farmhouse and the surroundings of the Maresme.

The decoration and the natural environment

There is a strong need to return to outdoor celebrations. Enjoying a natural environment, in the middle of forests and gardens is a preferred option for many couples, according to a survey conducted by The stage of Sant Pere de Clarà offers this possibility. In addition, our farmhouse, with its unique architecture, brings a point of trend: the combination of nature with period architecture. Large garden areas, floral decorations, tents integrated into the natural space and period architecture make up the perfect setting for Mediterranean weddings.
According to, the decorations with elements of natural fibers stand out, such as burlap, worked wood or with natural finishes to create an atmosphere of comfort. With the idea of ​​breaking the protocol, long and rectangular tables are also imposed. Table centerpieces with vintage details and dried flowers or herbs.

All in one place

Being able to organize all the steps of the wedding – ceremony, banquet, party – in one place, is valued as a great advantage. This possibility avoids travel, with the savings that means economically for all the guests, with a lower ecological impact in addition to being able to establish a continuity in the party, without breaking the thread of the celebration. That’s why the space needs to have different environments where you can organize each section of the wedding. In Sant Pere de Clarà we have a chapel, landscaped outdoor spaces, a tent and a disco area.

Sant Pere de Clarà, farmhouse and chapel for weddings in the Maresme

If you want to know more and know our space, see what we and our teams are capable of and let yourself be surrounded by the magic of nature and unique architecture, do not hesitate to contact us and come and do -a visit. In Sant Pere de Clarà you will find a Romanesque chapel dedicated to religious celebrations, large garden spaces, different areas to create different styles, a tent, a disco and a monumental modernist farmhouse. The best place to celebrate an unforgettable day. See you there.

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